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Biofuel Systems Group aims to give its clients, both in the UK and around the world, unrivalled support. We provide the highest quality process equipment and the best additives currently available for improving cold flow properties and oxidation stability of biodiesel fuels.

Our range of additives help our clients around the world keep their biodiesel stable and flowing in demanding conditions. Wintron® and Baynox® additives are availble through our online shop. For bulk quantities, please contact us directly.



For more information on what we can do for your business please use the links or contact us for more information.

We hope our site offers a good source of useful information about biodiesel, as well as providing a shop front for high quality up-to-date equipment. We provide process equipment to meet the highest safety requirements such as ATEX, and facilitiate biodiesel production to meet all recognised standards including EN 14214 / ASTM 6751.

In addition biodiesel additives, Biofuel Systems Group have been supplying biodiesel producers with filtration, heating, mixing, pumping, fuel delivery equipment and a range of other specialised supplies since 2005, and look forward to meeting our clients requirements well into the future.

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